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Traditional Shade Collection
Over the years, many of our customers have asked us for advice on which
shades to select for the chandeliers and sconces they select. Others have
suggest that we should offer our own line of shades. Now, we do. We are pleased
to present to you the Traditional Shade Collection from been selected for their
ability to complement our wide range of lighting fixtures that can use shades.
CH322 with Gold Trimmed Black
With its flowing arms and gracefully
turned center, the CH322 Chandelier
is truly a classic. With the addition of
color coordinated shades, it becomes
a centerpiece in large, high ceiling
areas such as dining areas, ballrooms,
restaurants and halls.
FCCH510 with Pleated Fabric
Shades in Ivory
Simple shades provide function to any
fixture. When combined with the many
graceful arms of a French Country
fixture, these simple shades create a
refined look that is unsurpassed for its
charm and elegance.
Chandelier & Sconce Shade Choices
Parchment Group
The Parchment Group is simple in its
offering. Yet, the Parchment Group is
one of the most practical selections
you can make. Because of their
simplicity, these shades work well with
virtually any of our fixtures.
Homespun Group
The Homespun Group consists of linen
shades that create a true country look.
The variety of colors and fabric
patterns give you the opportunity to
accent a wide range of fixtures in  
many different settings.
S1)  Green Parchment      Price $26.00
S2)  Brown Parchment      Price $26.00
S4)  Black with Gold Trim  Price $23.00
S7)  Ivory Pleated              Price $23.00
S3)  Black Pleated             Price
Hand Hammered Copper Group
This group of shades is made from copper that is
hand - worked in our own shops. At first glance,
they offer a smooth, appealing look. A closer look
reveals the charm of their hand rolled, wired rims
with hammered rivets and a peened surface,  (The
presence of whatever fixture you select).
S9)    Tall Copper
Height  5 1/2"
Price $98.00
S10)  Short Copper
Height 4 5/8"
Price $98.00
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